The Fashion Rebels in Kenya: Hart The Band

Their fashion sense borders largely on the crazy and the retro, the first time I met the duo, they were dressed like humans straight from a 1960 movie, with colored pants that barely reached the ankles, patterned woolen socks, a pair of old fashioned mocassins, hand knitted sweaters, and odd looking hats to complete outlandish look.

The next time I met them, they were in ripped jeans, boots and flower print shirts, and I thought to myself, what fashion is this? Who were these crazy fashion rebels who were breaking every fashion rule at will? But our interaction was far from over, at new years eve launch at the oval in westlands, we met again, this time round they all had shorts, pink range and magenta! I mean, have you ever seen a man wearing a magenta short? Do you even know what color is that? As is the colors were not odd enough, they had worn boots on their feet and knee length striped socks, they looked like the perfect clowns at a carnival!

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Despite the outlandish dressing, there is something really amazing about Hart the band, it is “Je ne sais Quoi-ish” You can’t really lay a finger on it, it is inexplicable, but at the same time exciting. They have made a mark on the Kenyan Fashion scene as fashion enthusiasts, daring and unique-the ultimate fashion rebels, they have not gone the way of all the other mainstream artists, they are not about the expensive ensemble, they are all about the simple, the crazy and the outlandish, the crazier the outfit the more they like it. The best part is that they can back it up, with their poetic prowess and the uncanny ability to do beyond awesome music.

In a nutshell, Here are some of their notable fashion moments:
The Fashion Rebels: Hart The Band



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