40 years old man forced by 12 years old girl to have s3x

40 years old man forced by 12 years old girl to have s3x
Kampala – A 12-year-old girl reportedly forced her mother’s
lover to sleep with her after the mother left them in the
same room.
The incident took place at Makenke on the outskirts of Jinja.
42-year-old truck driver, Faustin Mbalule, recently fell in love
with the girl’s mother, Stella Namuddu who operates a small
bar adjacent to her home where she sells illicit liquor called
He was caught in the act with the lover’s daughter by
Namuddu’s customers who had gone for their drink Friday
He however defended himself saying that the 12-year-old girl
was the one who lured him into sex.
He said that his affair with Namuddu has lasted about three
months, and that he visits her place once in a while where he
spends his nights after a few drinks.
He said that every Friday, Namuddu leaves early in the
morning to go and get new stock from the supplier, about a
kilometres from her home.
Friday morning she left her daughter and lover sleeping when
she went for the liquor.
As soon as she left, the girl who was sleeping on the floor
jumped to the bed where Mbalule was sleeping and started
fondling him.
Mbalule told his drinking mates that he attempted to send
her away but she threatened to scream and implicate him
with rape if he refused to give in to her demands.
The poor man conceded to the girl’s demands and that is how
he was caught in the act.
The drinkers asked for UGX 50 000 (KES 1 500) so they could
let him go instead of taking him to the police to face charges
of defilement.
He paid them the money and fled.

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