5 skills to make you competent in the job market

5 skills to make you competent in the job market
Call it soft skills in the labour market.A degree certificate is not
enough,you’ve got to have something to spice it up.Companies and
organisations look for an all round personnel to employ.For you to
stand out,the following is paramount.

1.Leadership skills.
Leader:is a person with ability to influence others in the positive
way.Venture into clubs,games and politics to realise the leader in
you.You must be capable of convincing and winning others into action.

2.Communication skills.
Communicate:being able to pass a relevant and accurate message
verbally or non verbally to an audience.Confidence and high self
esteem are the roots.You must be able to express your ideas clearly
and audibly.

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3.Entrepreneural skills
Entrepreneur:is a person who is able to identify a business
opportunity and takes the risk in trying.It involves creativity and
the spirit of daring.With this,you are good to go.

4.Networking skills.
Network:is to interact positively with those Grab that opportunity to interact with that guest speaker after his
talk to your club members.Go business and exchange contacts.This is
very essential,as you will be able to connect your company with the
rest of the world.

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5.Problem solving skills.
It involves,identifying the situation,its possible causes,coming up
with multiple solutions,picking the best and applying it to the
situation.To be able to build such a skill,take part in competitions
and challenges.

Don’t bangaiz in your room,watching sleeping or gossiping from ten to
ten.Instead explore the untapped potential in you.It’s worth millions
of dollars in future.

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