5 Things you Didn’t know about Kenyan Matatu Touts/ “Donda/Kondaa”.

In the Famous Kenyan slang “Sheng”, they are widely referred to as Donda, konda or makanga or probably any other name as they may be referred to in some hood. They are the charge fare collectors in passenger service vehicles (PSV) popularly referred to as matatus.

A pimped Nairobi Matatu

In spite of the way that we collaborate with them on a practically regular schedule, numerous Kenyans have confusions about them. I boarded a mat and the woman sitting next to me began grumbling; “These folks are too noisy, they need to tone down on the yelling”.
“Pardon me woman, yet he gets paid for being uproarious. Are you paid for your noisy cosmetics?”, I whisper in my mind while gesturing my head.

Messy and ‘Sumbua’

Contingent upon the course you are voyaging, this may be genuine. Notwithstanding, dondas are transforming into the innovators in terms of design. Have you ever boarded a Rongai bound tangle and took a gander at the clothing types the dondas dorn? Man, those siblings beyond any doubt do feel comfortable around Gikomba.
In the wake of supplementing the look with some cologne and a grin, what will prevent your young lady from falling for the jamaa?

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Who said dondas are unschooled? As of late while in a matatu employing the Kasarani course, I get to converse with the donda. Mwas, as he is alluded to, is a fourth year understudy at the University of Nairobi’s school of business and is because of graduate December.
In an offer to supplement the cash sent by his guardians in Western Kenya, he chose to be a donda. “Hii wera iko fiti” (it is a pleasant occupation) the charming tout says. So next time you load up a mat, don’t think your degree improves you than the donda, you never know.

Some time back, two going to woman companions went to my bunk (sic) in tears. “What happened?” I ask, the vigilante in me awakened.
“Kwani Justin Beiber amekufa? ” (Talk of stalwart Beliebers), I advance enquire in the wake of getting no reaction.
“Aki envision the konda in the mat we boarded (cry) ametuibia” , Jane says, her European complement all of a sudden overlooked.

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