5 Things you Didn’t know about Kenyan Matatu Touts/ “Donda/Kondaa”.

In the Famous Kenyan slang “Sheng”, they are widely referred to as Donda, konda or makanga or probably any other name as they may be referred to in some hood. They are the charge fare collectors in passenger service vehicles (PSV) popularly referred to as matatus.

Some time back, two going to woman companions went to my bunk (sic) in tears. “What happened?” I ask, the vigilante in me awakened.
“Kwani Justin Beiber amekufa? ” (Talk of stalwart Beliebers), I advance enquire in the wake of getting no reaction.
“Aki envision the konda in the mat we boarded (cry) ametuibia” , Jane says, her European complement all of a sudden overlooked.

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"5 Things you Didn’t know about Kenyan Matatu Touts/ “Donda/Kondaa”." by @wakenyanews

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