6 Top Most Affectionate Words That Couples Can Use Apart From Love


There are numerous cute and affectionate words that can be used to replace the word love in day to day relationship life. The L words has for a long time been used and hence sometimes seems to be so much exhausted.

You can simply substitute the word for another when you are certain you like your accomplice a great deal however aren’t prepared to utilize the “L” word. Here are a few illustrations;

1. Extravagant:
Telling somebody you favor them is a charming method for clarifying that you’re intrigued. It’s sweet, and not excessively complimentary. It’s most certainly not as capable as cherishing them, so it shouldn’t drive them away. It’s a decent word to utilize when you first begin an association with somebody on the grounds that it doesn’t propose any feeling of duty.

2. Adore:
Telling somebody that you love them is sweet, however not excessively emotional. It demonstrates that you think about them, and like their identity. It’s not a word that is utilized regularly, so regardless it holds its meaning. This is one of the sweetest sounding words to use rather than love, since it’ll make anybody swoon.

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3. Appreciate:
Saying that you appreciate your association with somebody lets them know how much you like them. By definition, appreciate signifies “to secure and mind for affectionately.” Despite the fact that you’re not conspicuously saying that you adore them, regardless you’re demonstrating to them that there’s affection behind your activities.

4. Stricken:
In case you’re not prepared to tell your accomplice that you’re infatuated with them, let them know that you’re stricken. It’s fundamentally letting them know the same thing, yet in various words. It’s an awesome compliment that you ought to just utilize in the event that you mean it since it says a great deal. Being stricken is the nearest you can get to being enamored.

5. Dedicated:
You don’t need to be infatuated with somebody keeping in mind the end goal to be given to them. Letting them know this demonstrates you could never purposefully hurt them. It says that you mind in regards to them and that you need to do whatever you can to make them upbeat. It’s a high compliment that will help your accomplice trust you, and make them understand the amount you affection being with them.


6. Fallen:
Telling somebody that you’ve succumbed to them is an extraordinary approach to express your emotions a couple of months into a relationship. You would prefer not to utilize the L word, yet you would prefer just not to say that you “like” them either. Your emotions are more grounded than that, and saying that you’ve succumbed to them is an incredible approach to get your feelings over.

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