RUTO is safe in ICC Europe! See what BENSOUDA has produced

Delegate President William Ruto is safe in ICC Europe! See what BENSOUDA has produced. He confronts conceivable time in an ICC prison if judges permit Chief Prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, to present a 2,000 page dossier on witness altering.
On Thursday, Bensouda told the judges that she has a 2,000-page report enumerating how her ICC witnesses were impacted by Ruto and his cohorts.
The volume of proof has activated reasons for alarm inside of Ruto’s protection group with numerous reasoning that Bensouda could be setting up the ground to accuse Ruto of offenses against the organization of equity – particularly in the event that her supplication on retracted confirmation is rejected.
“They contained around 288 pages. Be that as it may, in their inevitable application, now under thought, the Prosecution connected 210 further things, involving around 1,669 pages, as extra confirmation of witness altering. The aggregate numbers for the two clumps of things would at that point be 231 things involving around 1,957 pages,” Bensouda told the judges as she asked for affirmation of the dossier.

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As such, Bensouda has not connected Ruto specifically to the charged witness altering, just demanding that those capable are acting to advantage of the denounced.
The dossier has named four senior authorities in Government who have been attempting to alter with witnesses for the situation.
Ruto was prosecuted by the ICC regarding 2007-08 post decision savagery where more than 1,300 individuals kicked the bucket and over a large portion of a million were dislodged.

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