7 habits that can deter a potential lady from dating a guy.No.3 is indisputable.

7 habits that can deter a potential lady from dating a guy.No.3 is indisputable.
Love is blind,but there are some traits in a man that are eye
openers.Have a look at them.
Talk of high self esteem with pride and arrogance as its buiding
blocks,,,that’s the so called ego.That guy who thinks he is the
hottest three legged creature in this planet and is ever blowing his
own trumpet serves as a threat to a lady.You may attract a bunch of
them,but none will be in for a serious relationship.
2.Drinking 24|7.
Gulping several bottles of alcohol from different brands is
flawless.However,making it the order of your day and earning the
title”Glorified Guttler”,can destroy your charms to win a sultry
lady.She will undermine your morality and maturity.
3.Uchafu my friend.
You better change if you are one of a kind.Cleanliness is the
non-verbal magic that can make a hard to get woman give in
easily.Unkempt hair,shabby clothes and a disconcerted room,is a
replica of irresponsibility.No lady will tolerate.

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Well,some fools think that talking shit,is the coolest way get a lass.Sorry ,it does not work with a potential lady.Though you
may attract a bevy of skanky ratchets,you will get nowhere with either of them.
If you cannot spend on me even a single coin,why should i date you?We
live in the money era brother,once in a while spoil her with some
goodies,try tricks on her and you will remain single till the Messiah
6.Flirting and flattering.
Public display of affection will give the lady an image of the great
player in you.She will avoid you.That dude who yaps countless promises and fulfills none of them, will discourage her.
He is the clingy type.You meet him the first day,he wants your
contacts,your hostel name and room number.He wants to accompany you
everywhere as if you are his business.It’s a def you are up to some
mischief,,probably a hit and run.
Don’t entertain either of them ladies,keep off!!

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"7 habits that can deter a potential lady from dating a guy.No.3 is indisputable." by @wakenyanews

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