7 most dirty parts in the Human body

7 most dirty parts in the Human body.
Every health expert will tell you how to keep their
area of expertise clean as some of the infections we get are
due to poor personal hygiene failing to clean the right
places right.
So, what are the dirtiest parts of the human body?
1. Mouth
Most people think that their mouths are dirty only when
they start having bad breath. That is true to some extent
but your mouth can be dirty without having a bad breath as
there are more than seven causes of halitosis .
The mouth makes it to the list of the dirtiest parts of the
human body thanks to a research by scientists at Harvard
School of Dental Medicine who discovered more than 615
different types of bacteria that can live in the mouth in
their millions.
Another study by Dutch researchers, published in the
Microbiome journal, found that that kissing your partner for
10 seconds could lead to transferring over 80 million germs.
Anyway, do not freak out as the scientists say most of the
bacteria in the human mouth are not harmful.
2. Anus
To many, the rectal area would easily be crowned the
dirtiest due to its relationship with fecal matter which
contains lots of bacteria. However, if wiped well, the area
easily becomes one of the cleanest parts of the body.
3. Forearm
A study by National Human Genome Research Institute
found that the highest concentration of bacteria (after
bathing) was on the forearm (between the elbow and
The scientists said that over 44 types of bacteria inhabit the
forearm and could stay there for long as people rarely wash
this part of the body thoroughly.


4. Under the finger nails
People touch a lot of things during the day and most of the
dirt get collected under the fingernails and that is why it is
often recommended to keep them short.
5. Belly button
If not cleaned well, the navel would easily pass as the dirtiest
part of the body as some people rarely wash it with the
same care they use for other parts of the body.
The belly button can accumulate dead skin, hair, sweat and
body lotion that accumulate over time to form a brownish
6. Face
Your face is always exposed to all manner of dirt hence
getting it to this list. Ears, eyes and the nose all accumulate
7. Foreskin
To the uncircumcised males, the foreskin can collect dirt a
chunk of dirt, know as smegma, which has not so pleasant
In contrast, the female vagina is a self-cleaning organ with
bacteria that eat dead skin and also produces a substance
that kills unwanted bacteria (that explains the fading often
seen in that area on underwear). But is important to note
that even the organ must be cleaned.
On a lighter note, sociologists will tell you the dirtiest part
of the body is the mind though there is no scientific research
to prove their claims.
All in all, health experts unanimously agree that all parts of
the body can get filthy if not well taken care of.

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