The daily problems MPs face have widened from defaulting on loans, paying school fees for voters children and sorting out other related constituency demands, to not having office space at Parliament.
Justine Kasule Lumumba, the NRM secretary general, revealed Thursday that 80 NRM MPs work from their vehicles due to limited office space at Parliament.
Lumumba said during her tenure as the Government Chief Whip, it was an uphill task whipping MPs out of their vehicles to attend to parliamentary business.
We have a challenge of office space. Everybody would like to have his or her office, but you find members sharing offices.
Every time we go for elections, the number of MPs increases, but the size of Parliament remains the same.
Lumumba made these remarks as she was handing over instruments of power to Ruth Nankabirwa, the new Government Chief Whip.
 I am warning you that you will be more disappointed by ministers than backbenchers. Your superiors are going to collide with you, but be firm and pray to God to enable you work with everybody both NRM and opposition in an official and informal way, she advised her successor.
Lumumba said that raising quorum in Parliament has created more enemies for her, warning that it is going to be more critical during this period as MPs rush to attend more burials and weddings in their constituencies.
To cure this, the departing Chief Whip said lawmakers need counseling services, especially during this electioneering period.
The Bugiri Woman MP also said it was a mistake for the Government to put the office of the Chief Whip under the Office of the Prime Minister. Her argument was that the move dislocates the Chief Whip from the MPs.
It was at that point that Moses Ali, the Second Deputy Prime Minister and deputy leader of Government business in Parliament, called on Nankabirwa to forget about fish because it is very difficult to control fish that is underwater.
You cannot order around fish, but this is different. You are required to whip people, he said.
Prior to her appointment, Nankabirwa was the state minister for fisheries. She pledged to get space for the 80 MPs who are part of the total 386 lawmakers in the current Uganda Parliament.
To sort out the issue of lack of quorum, Nankabirwa said she would start a regional whipping network, where one regional chairperson would be assigned to whip 10 MPs.
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