A Birthday Saga.[Must read]

A Birthday Saga.[Must read]
There are two special days in your life.1.The day you
were born.2.The
day you discover yourself. Birthdays are celebrated in
very hilarious
and romantic ways. To a lucky comrade,she would be
taken to a five star
hotel for dinner,shopped for cool outfits in resounding a
that,join the rest for a lifetime bash. Later,she would be
showed with
all sorts of gifts to climax the day. Quit successful.
To an unlucky comrade she would be taken out to some
dingy hotel for
fries with soda,after which she would get credo ya 100
bob as the gift
and a verbal happy birthday. That is how her day will be.
Anyway,the big deal is someone did something on
their,big day. It all
depends on how loaded your partners pocket is.
Check out this story.
A campus birthday girl was treated to shame before her
friends and
some relatives after her drunk boy friend presented to
her ten already
used condoms,in a small box nicely wrapped and a
small tag of her name
attached to it…..Digest that first before i
with the cds was a short note on break-up and an explanation
to why he did
that…So humiliating indeed.
Probably,if she were a softie,she would break down into
sobs.If she
were a hardcore,she would assume everything for the
time being and
keep the party fire burning.Sema kulenga stress joh.

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