A Love song for him/her anytime :-) Sauti sol, Elani, “Mapenzi ni Dawa”

For each one of you that are tormented by the lack of love this 2015, whine not. The immense Lord is astute and tolerant, the colossal book says that he will copy you, he will make you flourish past anything you could ever envision. For every one of you that lost love on Valentines’ day, stress not, there is guarantee for a tree that has been cleaved down.
a love song for him/her anytime - wakenya

As far over as I can review Kenyans have been rebuked for being unromantic and laconic, they don’t know how to travel through the roads of veneration, they are still stay unwavering to their age-old traditions that over anxiety sex divergence. Blah. This was until the passageway of Elani,Hart the band and Sauti sol into the love circle, and child? Haven’t we valued how they work our emotions with their understanding of veneration?

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Additionally now, there is an alternate veneration tune, by a totally new member: He calls himself Shaddyyoko Msanii. He has familiar an alternate feel with reverence tunes, a friendship tune that you can move to Or is it tango? Waltz? You understand a superior way. The tune, “Mapenzi ni dawa” is has blended two African dialects, giving the song a tasteful quality that is astounding!

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"A Love song for him/her anytime :-) Sauti sol, Elani, “Mapenzi ni Dawa”" by @wakenyanews

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