A Ugandan Arrested In Busia Border After Stealing a Baby In Nairobi

It is always painful for a parent to get news that his or her child has been stolen and can no longer be found. However, is always very delightful to get a positive news that the child has finally been found. ‘God is Great’.
A Ugandan house-help who disappeared with a two year-old Nairobi baby was on Monday captured at the Busia border of Kenya. Jessica Nawire was captured on the Ugandan side of the Busia after an outsider tipped the Ugandan police.

She was then given over to the Kenyan police and is as of now being kept at the Busia police headquarters. Child Kaity Amanda is with her fatherly uncle Maurisce Ochieng at the police headquarters anticipating the child’s parents who are en route to the bordering town.

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The Ugandan Househelp Jessica Nawire

The Ugandan house-help has allegedly told the police that she had brought off with Child Amanda to rebuff her boss for not paying her three months’ compensation.

The baby’s mom, Fiona Akinyi, had in a past meeting said the house-help had labored for two weeks and did not have a reachable telephone. Child Amanda was most recently seen in the organization of the house-help by security officers at Manor Franca domain, in Imara Daima, on Wednesday, 10 am.

The house-help had been conveyed to Nairobi by Child Amanda’s grandma who lives in Sega, Siaya area, after a referral from a companion’s house-help.
Nawire’s dad in Uganda told the missing baby’s grandma that he had not seen her since she went missing from Nairobi on July 23.

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