SHOCKING!!! Avril’s photos without make-up-Instagram ~ @avrilkenya

VIPs would do everything without exception to maintain their status and conceal their blemishes from the entire world yet tune fowl Avril shook Kenya with a bold face on Friday . Avril turned into the subject of dialog on Twitter after she posted a picture of herself without make-up. The picture (beneath) had a subtitle saying, “Those mornings where I wake up with only imperfections, sun and grin all over #TeamAcneFaceThatbreaksOutWhenItfeels

avril without make-up photos

Some took it kindly while others couldn’t help but troll. Here are some of the reactions from Twitter.

@S_Waweru: @avrilkenya for posting that photo, took lots of confidence and courage! I’m so sure it encouraged someone battling a skin condition.

@IrwinClinton: @Avrilkenya the only few celeb who keeps it real & down to earth keep it up..also love ur jam its a killer chunee #TeamAvril

@Waithiira: @NyagaDavid smh…. Let the poor girl enjoy her holidays. The pressure to be perfect is too real on these streets. No one is. @AvrilKenya

@Therapist_gee: Calling @AvrilKenya ugly na akiku mcm utascreenshot that tweet, print it & laminate na uinunulie frame ka picha ya uhuru

@Danwachish @leethuo: @avrilkenya u r stil the very best n the most beautiful

@A_Gachukia: Heey Hunny @Avrilkenya You Will Be Okay Soon.Fact Still Remains Your Cute.

@Aswo_Moli: Peeps trolling @AvrilKenya because of a medical condition. Stupidity is real.

@Ma_kiski: Alaaaar @BlackHeadRam: But @AvrilKenya ako na Album ngapi…acne tushahesabu?

@_blazeKE: Leave our crush alone

@amisicaves: But y’all keep hating @AvrilKenya and she be 100% more cute than your ugly crush”

@ERICK_MOCHA: “@dennoh_: alafu after all this bado @AvrilKenya nakuweka pale IG kama WCW si unajua tu

@frank_keyz: @AvrilKenya i love u with or without make up

@mullei_M: It’s about the shape of ones face, nose, eyes, lips etc. Mtu anaweza kua na smooth face but mapua kama Eugine Wamalwa @AvrilKenya is pretty

@joymariga: She never even plaits her hair, smhRT

@mullei_M: Sasa nimejua reason ya @AvrilKenya kuplait nywele ikikuja na mbele.

@LewisOnyuna: @AvrilKenya there is more than meets the eye

@itsAlumasi: just take a selfie with a chapati @Kevin_teya As you keep trolling @AvrilKenya I am dying to have a selfie with her

@TeddyKasich: Dont brag about being perfect imperfections are what makes you attractive so leave my sister @AvrilKenya alone.

@Aswo_Moli: It is unfortunate that those peeps trolling @AvrilKenya have cartoons in their avatars.

@angienemmo: @avrilkenya is beautiful in every way with or without make up. #teamavril all day everyday

@MisUndastudPoet: But @AvrilKenya is just embracing herself. Many guys on these streets wish to be someone else though!

avril without make-up photos

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