African Pastor Passes On After Trying To Starve For 40 Days Like Jesus


Fasting is one of the religious acts that many people always try to do while repenting their sins, and as well, just as some religions depict it. Recently, a south African pastor tried to go for 40 days without eating nor drinking water for 40 days but apparently, passed away.

Pastor Alfred Ndlovu’s body was found by an outsider a week prior who cautioned the police. As indicated by reports from South Africa, the 44 year-old minister left home on June 17 to conduct prayers in bushes as on the other hand, fasting.

As indicated by a relative and close pals “He was an exceptionally otherworldly man. Its terrible he needed to pass on thusly. Following a month we got the tragic news of his passing.”

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The minister was accounted for to have kicked the bucket of lack of healthy food nor water following 30 days of starvation trying to imitate how Jesus did in the wilderness.

His assembly portrayed him as a man whose confidence “could move mountains”. His church followers also went ahead by stating this,”The Pastor was a healthy and religious old man who did not even look his age,”

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"African Pastor Passes On After Trying To Starve For 40 Days Like Jesus" by @wakenyanews

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