AKOTHEE: The First Lady To Own Ferrari Car After Being Impregnated


Akothee’s Swiss blesser has purchased the vocalist a KSh 30 million Ferarri for being pregnant. This is an expansion to the deck vessel that she was purchased for month prior while holidaying in Switzerland.

An energized Akothee postured alongside the car, saying thanks to her spouse bountifully for the blessing. She later posted the photograph online and beseeched her rich man to pick up the pace on the printed material so that she could take the red toy home-to Kenya.
On the off chance that she brings it to Kenya, she will be the Kenyan superstar with the flashiest auto.

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Akothee flaunts the Ferrari that her significant other purchased her for being pregnant with her 6th child. Photograph: Akothee
As of late, the vocalist purchased a 18 karat gold creator glasses for her birthday at a cost of KSh 124,000. Not a major ordeal for artist who has designated herself; the wealthiest, flashiest superstar in Kenya.

Akothee, following in the impressions of Vocalist Nyota Ndogo who as of late got hitched to her elderly Danish partner, shockingly, reported her up and coming wedding to her Swiss sweetheart. The man, we learn, has been financing her late showy way of life.

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"AKOTHEE: The First Lady To Own Ferrari Car After Being Impregnated" by @wakenyanews

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