Al-Shabaab’s tactic to sabotage Kenya.

Al-Shabaab’s tactic to sabotage Kenya.
Many will shudder with fear or bust into uncontrollable sobs at the
mentioning of Al Shabab.It’s Somali’s Islamist militant group seeking
to create an Islamic state in the UN-backed Somali government and take
revenge on the Kenyan government for sending its troop into Somali,to
crush the militants.

Their sadistic antics are well engraved in the minds of Kenyan
citizens.In September 2013,they attacked Westgate Shopping Centre in
Nairobi,killing 67 civilians injuring more than 200.May last year,they
bombed Nairobi’s Gikomba market.There was another attack in
Mpeketoni,where many lost their lives.
As if that’s not enough,on April this year,they stormed into
Garissa University College,killed 147 innocent lives and seriously
injured 79 others.This massacre is fresh in our minds,and the pain we
have to endure is unbearable.
Terrorism has become a major concern in Kenya.Ever since the
government declared war on Al Shabab,they have increased their number
by hitting us where it hurts most.
Divide and conquer through sabotaging the youths is the
weapon.Check this out.
The the extremist group’s propaganda is targeting the disillusioned
young men back at home in the Kenya’s poorest areas,regardless of
their religion.A quater of the militants hold Kenyan ID cards and
Al Shabab are able to lure young men with their cash.Their one
off payment is akin to a salary.Dusty,litter laden streets which are
in the slum areas are fertile grounds for the recruiters.Street
families are enticed into being Al Shabab recruits cause of mullah.
Money!Money!It made Judas betray Jesus.Let this be an eye opener to
the government,do something before the jobless and poverty stricken
youths turn againt you.Talk of being traitors,i bet you will not rub
shoulders with youngsters of that caliber.

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