Armed Thugs Kill Woman in Likoni After Robbing Her Kshs.90,000


Esther Murunde 28, was shot thrice in the stomach area by the  aggressors who dashed away with Sh90, 000.
Police said five spent cartridges were recuperated from the scene and that they were finding the suspects who are said to have been threatening Mpesa outlets orderlies in the whole District.

The looters are said to have additionally directed two separate thefts only a couple meters from Murunde’ shop where they are said to have shot noticeable all around a few times to frighten away the spectators some time recently taking Sh70,000 and Sh20,000 individually.

Asulta Omumbo asserted that the three furnished men had debilitated to slaughter her on the off chance that she didn’t surrender all the cash she had in her ownership.

Likoni Deputy OCPD Anthony Shimoli said the suspects were equipped with a G3 rifle. “We suspect that the same men carried out another robbery in Shikaadabu area where they made away with Sh20,000 after the attendant fearing for her life gave out the money to the robbers,” stated the OPCP Mr. Anthony


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"Armed Thugs Kill Woman in Likoni After Robbing Her Kshs.90,000" by @wakenyanews

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