Arsenal Ranked Most Richest Club In The World 2016 October

In 2015, Real Madrid allegedly held £84m, Bayern Munich £78m, Barcelona £58m and Juventus £5m.
While Arsenal/ Gunners have been spending on foundation and stadium changes as of late, this disclosure will just serve to expand the disappointment at Wenger’s obvious hesitance to sprinkle the trade out the exchange market.

arsenal richest football club 2016 October-November

“We make our investments on a prudent and reasoned basis which is something the club does well and which is even more important in a competitively inflated marketplace.
“This approach has served us well and it will continue,” said the boss.
Arsenal football club has shown a tremendous and magical increase in turnover from football, from £329.3m up to £350.6m over the same period in 2015.
That is why Forbes has ranked Arsenal FC the richest football club in the world or currently, in season 2016-2017. These are the latest reports as at the start of October 2016. Any adjustments in terms of rankings shall be updated here.

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