Beneath the hustle and bustle of the holiday season there is the true
beauty of connecting with loved ones.


Production Title: The Camel’s Back – Short Film
Production type: Independent
Production month: March 2016
Production Location: Mombasa
Audition Date: January 9th 2016
Audition time: 10:00 AM – 04:30 PM
Audition Location: Freestyle Media on Bogani Road – If taking public
Transport, take a number 24 from Kencom at Ambassador Hotel, the
Matatu will use Langata road, ask to alight at Bogani road or JKWUAT
Call Backs: January 13th 2016
Note: Must speak fluent Kiswahili

[SUSAN] [AGE: 13-15]
Susan is a 13-15 year old girl who believes that she is going to die at
the end of the day. She is not suicidal but has no problem accepting the
fact that she is going to die. She has a mental illness of anxiety and
post-traumatic stress following a sexual assault from a fellow villager.
Her appearance and sexuality are sources of confusion for her, as she
feels outcast because of them. She wants to get out of her village
before she dies, as she feels unwanted and like she has no purpose
there. Susan wants to go to Diani beach for its serenity and beauty.
She wants to be alone and enjoy something pleasurable before she dies.
Her father is absent – she never knew him and her mother works as a
maid in the city. Susan has a younger brother Mark, who she looks
after she generally, finds him annoying and an interference with her
plan to get to Diani beach. She’s unaware of the admiration that he
has for her. Susan is sexually curious but has little understanding of it.
She finds herself attracted to both Lawrence and her admiration for her
friend Matilda may be sexual. The trauma experience by the sexual
assault further confuses her understanding of sex and beauty and she
frequently finds herself zoning out and hallucinating. She loves dance
although recently finds little enjoyment in it.
[MARK] [AGE: 8-10]
Mark is an 8-10 year old boy and the younger brother of Susan. He’s
an innocent, energetic and positive kid who likes playing imaginary
games. He looks up to his sister a lot, as she’s his guardian figure. He
wants to join the dance school that Susan is at and works hard at it –
finding equal enjoyment in it as Susan used to. He is not unaware of
the pain Susan is experiencing but hopes that by going to the beach
they will be able to have some fun together. He is very protective of
his sister. He is shorter than Susan and smaller in size as a whole.
The local witch doctor of the village is a large female woman who takes
her job very seriously. She is trusted as a fortuneteller and healer in
the village. She is a swindler and cares more about the money she will
receive than about her client’s well being. She has a loud, arrogant and
dominating personality – whatever she says, goes. She is very
traditional and believes that sex is wrong and the punishment for out
of sex marriage should be a big one. She has no time for people that
cannot serve her with the money that she needs.

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