Babu Owino Accused of Manufacturing #UoNGangs on Twitter

Babu Owino Accused of Manufacturing #UoNGangs on Twitter
As the UoN groups theme continues inclining, news from twitter posts claim that a kindred understudies called Osano, is one of the Babu Owino’s apparatus. Other than the other Babu Owino’s stalwarts that do exist in the online networking called Comrades Forum, babu has for quite a while been a most loved to the greater part of the UoN understudies. Nonetheless, on purported news about the passing of two companions, yusuf and Omondi, distinctive responses have pulled up on online networking and this are only a portion of the remarks we experienced:-
1. Robert ALAI
So Babu Owino’s PA called Osano organised for a mob to kill two students he doesn’t like? The #UoNGangs need to be stopped.
2. Peter Aming’a @Peter_aminga
Again, how will an employer, employee a graduate from UON, with constant strikes, gun dramas and now #UONGangs trending allover?
3. MC Pipita @mcpipita
Mtoto huangalia kisogo cha mamake. Hw many tyms has the govt killed innocent pple for supremacy stop blaming Babu #UoNGangs
4. Eric Yang @EricoUtd
Please Babu Owino I don’t love you, Oder your men to kill me, nitawa “MURDER” you wont stay there iam martial arts expert #UoNGangs
Meanwhile, Babu Owino has said that he will Sue bloggers linking him with UoN students killing.
According to Babu Owino’s phone call, he said this, “Julius Omondi and Mohammed Yusuf were killed in hall two because they are believed to have stolen a laptop from a first year student,”.
He added that he does not stay in the school hostels neither does he know the individuals who were killed at a personal level.
Wakenya news send condolences message to the family and friends of the deceased.

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