Babu owino campaign money LEAKED OUT: Budgeting

babu owino
Babu owino-wakenya

The famously known SONU (Students of Nairobi University) current Chairman Babu Owino 2013/2014 is known for championing for understudies rights in Uon – Uninersity of Nairobi and outside i.e other university students all over the country. He was particularly known for acutely catching up on the demise of one Mercy Keino.

Much is known of him, the enormous autos he possesses and the lengths he would make a go at amid battling at the University just to win the hearts of his kindred companions.

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Owino Babu’s desire have seen him meet with top political figures including The Republic of Kenya’s President Mr.Uhuru Kenyatta. At some point in his life, he even once vied for Westlands voting public which he lost with an avalanche. His SONU battle re-decision plan for 2015/2016 was as of late released online and I must say the figures are simply insane.

babu owino wakenya
Babu owino budget

Babu owino campaign money

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