Beautiful African Single Ladies Who Are Ready For Dating. No.1


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My real names are Beatrice Wamboi and I am 23 years old agewise. I reside within the capital of Kenya i.e Nairobi city of which is the largest city in east Africa. I am kind, humble, loving, caring, energetic and very faithful or in other words, i am very honest. I am as well trustworthy and very understanding young lady. My hobbies are listening to music, travelling, cooking, reading, Painting and
socializing especially online. I like dressing casual. I work as an assistant Manager with a company in town but live in Wendani near k.u and i also have rental houses in Thika outskirts.

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I am looking for a honest, energetic, handsome and very very understanding man and most specifically should be able to make me laugh or feel satisfied kind of man; that is all.

The man I would like to share my passion, lifestyle, likes, culture etc with and he can teach me his because i am single and ready for dating for real. A man who can make me laugh. All i want is fun especially this year of 2016 and onwards for the rest. I am financially strong and that is an assurance.

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I am online right now for a chat. Check below for more:-

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"Beautiful African Single Ladies Who Are Ready For Dating. No.1" by @wakenyanews

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