Being skinny doesn’t make you a reject from Hell.

Being skinny doesn’t make you a reject from Hell.
The digital platform has defined beauty from the appearance
angle.Renown socialites like Vera Sidika,Huddah Monroe among others
have defiled the net with their titillating bodies.They are termed as
beauties cause of,how they expose their gigantic booties,thick
thighs,fake hair,calabash like titis and charming faces coated with
thick layers of make up.Don’t forget the skin complexion.They do
provoke Team Mafisi to go on fire.
However,this should not pin down those without such
fundamentals.Beauty is a mystery with many definitions.It lies in the
eyes of the beholder.

Young lass,God may not have blessed you with heavy assets
but….that long natural hair,that killer smile,those beautiful round
large eyes,that tiny waist could make a man fall for you.In
short,there is more to beauty than the bum,nyonyos,and that light
skinned face with heavy coatings of make up.
It could be your personality that defines the unseen beauty in
you.A heart of charity and hospitality or the charisma in your words.
Work on your demeanor.Let it be positive as it could earn you some recognition.
Svelte ladies rarely suffer from high blood pressure or
obesity.Hardly will they visit the gym to keep fit.Naturally they are
healthy.Plastic surgery should be the last resort.
Be contented and appreciate what you have.
If you can’t identify the beauty in you,then no one will notice.

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"Being skinny doesn’t make you a reject from Hell." by @wakenyanews

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