After the controversial news about the media journalist over the intentions of his arrest, popular blogger Robert alai was not left behind but had to write this to the security PS of Kenya. Read Robert alai’s post below:-
I know that the actions of General Nkaiserry were just
diversionary and meant to make us forget Wa Ikulu for
sometime. But I am going to offer the retired general some
advice in case he wishes to retire in peace and not die with
heart attack in old age.
We have been through what you are trying to pull on us before
Mr. Nkaissery. We know how it starts, proceed and how it will
end. It can’t end any other way and the winner will always be
the people because WEWE NI MTU MDOGO SAAANA.
First, some purported minutes of ODM insiders are circulated in
the social media. That happened during referendum, elections
and ICC confirmation of charges. The said minutes are
characterized as ‘strategy’. The minutes are authored by NIS
operatives inside state house. But simple mistakes in the said
minutes give them away. Second, a journalist is arrested for
filing a story whose main content author is no one but you, Mr.

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You tabled documents before the Parliamentary committee.
The journalist is arrested because of your unconstitutional
orders to the police. Third, you issue intimidating and gagging
orders to Kenyans stopping them form exposing and debating
corruption in government. We have been here before Mr.
Nkaissery. We know the road you are taking us. We will not be
intimidated and cowed. You will not succeed in overthrowing
constitution and recreating police state.
One thing you should be assured of is that Kenyans are going
to cross the line to stop the corrupt and senseless public
officials many times. Even with guns, teargas and buttons, you
will not stop us.

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