Bongo Artist Mr.Nice Lands a Showbiz Deal In Kenya Worth Millions of Ksh

Mr.Nice lands a showbiz Deal to tour all counties in Kenya

For those who thought Tanzanian flavour musician Mr. Nice “alichapa”, then you must have gotten it wrong. In the current competitive showbiz entertainment industry of east Africa, getting a deal with a big company ain’t that easy at all; only for the smart artists.

Addressing in one of Tanzania’s celebrity media magazines “Bongo 5”, the corroded vocalist said he will have no less than a demonstrate each weekend in Kenya.

In an interview with Wakenya Journalists, this is what he had to say.
“Ni mkataba wa mwaka mmoja, so ndani ya mwaka mmoja show ni nyingi sana, na nimehakikishiwa angalau show moja consistently, na kama unavyojua huku wenzetu burudani ni kila siku haina Jumatatu wala weekend however uhakika ni angalau show moja kila wiki lazma iwepo na itakuwa ni visit ya nchi nzima ya kenya na ndiyo maana imepewa jina la 47 Region Visit,”.
TRANSLATION:–> ( It’s a one year contact, I have been guaranteed of one demonstrate a week as I will visit the entire of Kenya; that is why the visit has been called “47 Region Visit”.
Not even Sauti Sol have visited 47 regions in the nation to perform, Mr. Nice arrangement beyond any doubt will re-acquaint him with his Kenyans fans. Watch this space.