BREAKING: 3 Dead, Numerous Hospitalized After A Building Collapses In Westlands Nairobi


Numerous buildings in Kenya have been collapsing in the recent past months e.g the Huruma building, the Kahawa Sukari incidence, Mombasa building, Kisumu Manyatta Estate Building and many more others. According to the government, these cases have been happening following improper building engineers, and as well, illegal constructions as by the law.

Three individuals have been affirmed dead while seven others were hospitalized after a building wall given way on them in Westlands, Nairobi on Monday.

The injured and dead were construction laborers who had been burrowing a trench along a wall on Brookside drive when the episode happened. The assortments of the three have been recuperated.

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As indicated by Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Alex Sanaika Ole Magelo, the development was being done unlawfully without meeting with the area government.
Mr Magelo added that the house alongside the divider had been checked for decimation as it had been based on riparian area.

The County Assembly Speaker Mr. magelo likewise said that the salvage group reacted late, including that the temporary worker had gotten away from the scene.

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