BREAKING: Ababu Namwamba Officially Dumps ODM. This Are The Reason’s He Shared

Press Conference of Ababu Namwamba officially announcing that he quits ODM post job role, accuses Raila of
betrayal and many more

CORD Party of Kenya has really been a shaky party in the recent past. This is because of numerous in understandable terms governing their council, despite not having been fully open to their fans and followers.
Budalang’i MP Ababu Namwamba has surrendered as ODM secretary general refering to disappointments, selling out and absence of appreciation from top gathering leaders.

He said that he will soon discard the gathering.
Mr Namwamba blamed gathering pioneer Raila Odinga of selling out him notwithstanding guaranteeing him backing and favors when he indicated interest in the position.

He ascribed his disappointments in ODM to his enthusiasm of getting to be gathering secretary general, saying he was set apart as an undesirable competitor by a segment of individuals encompassing Mr Odinga.

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“After consulting the Banyala elders who advised me to resign and ditch the party, and from your decision as the electorate of Budalang’i and former ODM delegates, I am giving in to your wish of resigning as the party secretary general,” he said after a meeting of party delegates and elders from his

“Before I vied for this position, I consulted my friend Raila Odinga and asked him if he thought I could make a good secretary general. He looked me in the eye and told me I am the best person in the party to succeed Prof Anyang Nyong’o. He told me ‘to go for it general’,” stayed Hon. Mr Ababu.

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