BREAKING: JKUAT & Egerton Among Universities To Be Shut Down This Year


Commission for University Education (Prompt) might want to convey to the consideration of the general population that Landmark International College (E.A.) arranged in Kimende in Limuru and which indicates to offer degrees as a team with Landmark Baptist Theological Theological school, Fort Worth, Texas, USA has not been allowed any power to offer college training in Kenya.
JKUAT & Egerton Among Universities To Be Shut Down This Year.
Data which is in general society area and which the Commission checked on the ground is that on Friday 21st August 2015, Point of interest International College (E.A) held a graduation function on the grounds of Kimende High School in Limuru where the College implied to honor the recorded classifications and number of degree authentications in the accompanying disciplines:(PhD in Religious Education, Expert of Theology, Master of Religious Education, Master of Christian Counseling, Bachelor of Christian Counseling, Bachelor of Philosophy, Bachelor of Religious Education, Associate Degree in Philosophy, Associate Degree in Religious Education, and Associate Degree in Christian Counseling.

As required by Section 28 of the Universities Act, the Commission notes that there is no record of any authority granted by the Commission for collaboration between Landmark International College and the US – based Landmark Baptist Theological Seminary of Fort Worth, Texas. In the absence of such authority, Landmark International College (E.A.) is in flagrant violation of the Universities Act. Consequently, all degree certificates purportedly awarded by this college are not recognized by the Commission.
Potential and current employers of those who have purportedly graduated under this collaborative arrangement should take note of this and act accordingly.
Landmark International College (E.A.) is hereby notified that they should cease forthwith from purporting to issue any degree certificates either independently or under any collaborative arrangement or to continue deceiving members of the public that the college has been authorized to operate as a degree awarding entity.
Elsewhere satellite campuses for the following universities risk being closed by July 2016 if they will not have complied with stipulated requirements as agreed following intense consultations between the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, ViceChancellors of the affected Universities and Commission to extend the closer period that was slated in in 2015 St. Paul’s University (Nairobi Campus, Church House-Moi Avenue) Egerton University (Nairobi City Campus Stan bank House) Africa Nazarene University (Agrho House and Stanbank House) South Eastern Kenya University (Nairobi Campus, Development House) Dedan Kimathi University of Technology (Nairobi Centre Union Tower) Multi – Media University of Kenya (City Square Post Office Building Nairobi 3rd floor) Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (Westlands, Nairobi Kabarsarian Avenue) Members of the public are being urged to join hands with the Commission in weeding out any institutions bent on fleecing wananchi of their hard-earned cash by offering unauthorized university education.

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