BREAKING! Several Killed As Police Use Excessive Force

Several dead in Ethiopia stampede after
police tear gas protesters

It is yet another sad news that is reaching our news desk this Sunday, 2nd of October 2016. According to reports, several people have lost their lives in a charge or stampede close to the Ethiopian capital on Sunday after police started using tear gas at dissidents amid a religious celebration, as per an AFP photographer at the scene.


A few thousand individuals had accumulated at a hallowed lake in the town of Bishoftu to participate in the Irreecha function, in which the Oromo group denote the end of the stormy season.

A few members crossed their wrists over their heads, a motion that has turned into an image of Oromo against government dissents.
The occasion immediately declined, with dissenters tossing stones and jugs and security strengths reacting with rod charges and afterward nerve gas explosives.


The tear gas brought on frenzy and no less than 50 individuals fell on top of each other into a trench. The AFP photographer saw somewhere around 15 and 20 unmoving bodies some of which were obviously dead.
“This government are dictators, there is no equality or freedom of speech. There is only TPLF. That’s why we must protest today,” said Mohamed, referring to the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front.

On the other hand, the Police requested that the photographer leave the scene, where elastic shots were strewn on the ground.

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