Burundian Woman Claims Her Twin Daughters Belong To Diamond Platinumz

Diamond platinumz is yet in another row that might cause issues in his marriage and family as a whole. This follows as Burundian woman(Jesca) has come up claiming she has 4-year-old twin daughters who were sired by Diamond Platnumz.

She claims they first had affairs, when they were shooting the music video in January, 2012; and the habit would continue every time Diamond would visit Burundi.
On her Instagram timeline, Jesca shared pictures of herself holding two young girls saying she is ready for a DNA test any time to prove she ain’t lying nor is she ready for any fame but for Diamond to take responsibilities of the daughters.
Below is a statement from the lady:
“The two girls are Diamond Platnumz’s children, whom he sired with me in 2013. I met him when he came to our country for a concert.
After his performance, he asked one of his boys, whose nickname was Mafya, to direct me to a hotel room where he was. I went and met him. We got intimate.
Since then, he has never given me any financial assistance. If he does not believe that the children are his, I am ready to let the children’s DNA samples be matched with his.
I have not come out now to gain any fame. I am serious. What I am saying is the truth, and the truth always has a way of coming out.
Please Diamond Platnumz, I have raised these children solely since the day they were born. It is now time for you to take them in and provide for them. I give up.
Diamond Platnumz, please tell people the truth. Alternatively, send me air fare to come to Tanzania and conduct a DNA test on the children. Sandra Kassim, you know the truth; everything that transpired between your son and I.”

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