Cate Wema CEO Lilai Power Company Bewitch Thieves In Her Firm

Cate wema, Lilai Power Company Boss

Stealing or robbery is an immoral act in every society no matter where or when one does so. Its risks are the worst indeed especially when one is caught in the act or proves to be guilty.

Two male workers of a Nairobi power firm got themselves “devouring” on sawdust and grass after their boss unleashed a witchdoctor to enchant them for taking stock from her company.

The two workers of Lilai Power Firm which is situated in South B estate, Nairobi, went bonkers and swung to the sawdust on July 20  2016 after the elegance period their manager, Cate Wema, had issued to get back her things slipped by.

Diminish Gitau, 21, and Silvester Odhiambo, 23, confessed to taking the items (what’s more), offering copper wires and different things assessed to cost Sh3 million on June 27. Looking wiped out, they muttered endlessly as they went after more sawdust and grass as their smashed relatives implored and ameliorated them.

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Gitau and Odhiambo began eating sawdust and grass in the morning until route past noontime, when Wema mediated, requested that they be avoided their newly discovered “sustenance” and cautioned the individuals who are not identified with them from touching or giving them water.

Wema told Wakenya she suspected her workers were included in the burglary and chose to swing to a witchdoctor to instruct them and different laborers a lesson.
She further added by saying this, “They must bring back my items, pay me Sh3 million or lead me to the buyer if they want to survive. Those items are worth the kind of money I am not ready to just let go. Only one relative should touch them. The rest of you keep off. If you give them water, be ready for their instant death”.
More news to follow.

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