CAUTION: This Is The Spot Everyone Has Been Warned About

Its the biggest festive season that comes every year, at the end of the year. As for many of the fortunate, during this time is when travelling to new places or attractive places is the pick of the society.


One of the guys who has been a fan of such tours has come up on social media warning people of making stop over a along the Mombasa road Tsavo park scenery as the stop over is a hot spot for the human eater wild animals. The Tsavo National park is made up of two separate parks i.e the Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park which is located in Coast Province of Kenya in between Nairobi City and Mombasa. Below is a note he shared on social media to everyone;

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Those doing road trips to coasto, avoid doing a stopover n taking photos in this section.
We will not try such a stunt next time. They intentionally built the SGR that leave a footpath for the Tsavo National Park wild animals.
The trailers kept hooting to notify us of the impending danger we were subjecting ourselves into, but hatukuwa tuna elewa. We could have been minced meat (sic) my friends. God is good…
Eeeh hapo chui iliwahi kuta Msee juu ya a moving lorry…

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"CAUTION: This Is The Spot Everyone Has Been Warned About" by @wakenyanews

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