Child Born With 2 Heads, Teeth and 6 Fingers In Kenya – PHOTOS

Margret Shobande is a married woman who lives in Lamu County in the coastal region or province of Kenya. Shobande who is 26 years of age, brought forth conjoined twins with no thought nor expectations since she was excessively poor, making it impossible to have a ultrasound amid her pregnancy, so difficulties had gone unnoticed.
Child Born With 2 Heads, Teeth and 6 Fingers In Kenyas

Shockingly she gave life to a young lady with two necks, two spines and two isolate throats and trachea, and besides all, the child had teeth, and six fingers. However between them have just a single heart what’s more, stomach, and one lung each.
The conjoined twins who share a solitary body with a dicephalic parapagus (a greatly unordinary type of conjoinment) have been moved to Kenyatta National Hospital, KNH top healing center for further examination. However, currently they are presently being treated in India after being flown out of the country. Yet, the twin’s mom, Shovabde is as yet recuperating at Cygnus J.K. Hindu Doctor’s facility, who is feeling rationally depleted and doesn’t feel sufficiently stable and stronh to see her amazing infants yet, concurring to the medical specialists.
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