Christian Longomba in serious medical conditions – Tumor growth

Christian Longomba in serious medical conditions – Tumor growth
One time music heavyweight,
Christian Longomba, is battling for
his dear life after he was diagnosed
with a life threatening chronic
For starters, Christian and his
brother Lovy, were the hottest duo
on music scene during their heydays
in the game.
The brothers moved to the States to
try their hands on greener American
pastures. It was during their stay
there that Christian was diagnosed
with brain tumor. This was on May
18th 2015.
Christian went under the knife on
May 29th 2015, an operation which
lasted for 10 long hours. The surgery
was successful even though the
singer would later undergo another
surgery to remove blood clots on his
brain, it took 4 hours.
After the second surgery, the doctors
noted that they were able to safely
remove 90% of the tumor and he
still needs to go through 6 weeks or
more of radiation in order to
completely remove the tumor.
It’s for this reason that a public
appeal was made to help save the
life of Christian Longomba.

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