Christians Raise 20 Million To Aid Starving Teso Community

News coming in indicate that Christians in Kampala last Saturday managed to raise an estimate of Shs20m up in real money and four tons of maize flour in the first of numerous help endeavors for starvation encountering families in Teso sub-district.
Christians in Kampala raise 20 million to aid starving teso community

The mobilization activation occurred amid a special mass at St Charles Lwanga Church in Ntinda, a city suburb, directed by Msgr John Kauta, the secretary-general of Uganda Episcopal Conference.
God’s affection, he stated, must be felt by “our adoration for our neighbor” and asked well-wishers to give liberally to rescue the general population of Teso from starving to death.
Msgr Kauta reprimanded people who taunt the starvation casualties for turning to sustaining on termites and white ants, comparing these to likeness grass-containers being a delicacy in the focal and different areas of the nation. Below is a message that Kauta said during the conference.
“Termites are good things to eat, but they are only eaten as dessert,” he said, adding: “You can never eat enough termites to fill your stomach and like nsenene (grass-hoppers), they are seasonal”.

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