Chuka University Strike – CAUSE, PHOTOS

Chuka University College, Tharaka Nithi province, friends have gone on strike without precedent for their history taking after “fixed” decisions that occurred around a week back, as cause and indications in the photos below. The strike however was kick begun by four Chuka University men of their word who were wearing covers!
Chuka University has officially confronted an immense harm as structures have been crushed.
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The Chuka University strike has additionally seen the Chuka Campus school transport destroyed to cinders. By reports, the Chuka College strike started around 10 am in the morning is as yet going on till now as Chuka Campus friends take part in a wild fight around Ndagani focus. Because of security reasons, photographs have not been taken as two Chuka University understudies who were taking pics are as of now nursing wounds taking after a swarm beating by the other demonstrators.Chuka University Strike - CAUSE, PHOTOS

The photograph underneath is the present condition of the Chuka University transport that was blazed by understudies; Chuka University Strike Leaves School Bus Burned Beyond Acknowledgment!
Chuka University Strike - CAUSE, PHOTOS
By Chuka University Gossip Blog , this turmoil could have begun on the night of Sunday seventh when understudies began throwing stones at the top of the school mess taking after a force blackout in the college grounds. The Chuka University strike has lead to the conclusion of the organization until further notice as per a notice composed by the school Registrar, Ms. Oliver Mwangala. The understudies were requested that clear the school premises by 2pm.


The Chuka University Vice Chancellor, Erastus Njoka has in any case stayed noiseless about the grounds strike. The counter mob police have subsequent to captured around 20 understudies who were discovered plundering shops around Ndagani market constraining different organizations to shut down. Sources claim that the dissent happened following the confidants were not fulfilled by the Chuka University Student Council (CUSA) group that was to be sworn in today; February, 08 2016.

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