CIKU tells UHURU, you do not deserve my birthday wishes

CIKU tells UHURU, you do not deserve my birthday wishes
Today, President
Uhuru Kenyatta turns 54 years old and as
expected, everyone is wishing him a long life
except Ciku Muhoho who decided to write a
letter to Uhuru highlighting his failures;
Dear Uhuru Kenyatta,
Today you turn 54 years exactly the same age as my
dad. I know you have received so many wishes and me
failing to wish you a happy one will not take any
difference whatsoever.
I choose not to wish you a happy birthday but to ask a
question in Morgan Heritage song, When you look at
our education system, do you see anything to smile

When every day we wake up to scandals worth billions
is there anything really to celebrate when Kenya is
losing money into the pockets of greedy individuals?
Your handlers and sycophants might not tell you this,
but we no longer trust you Mr President.
I have talked to few people close to power and they
always brush me off by ‘You can never understand how
the system works’.
I don’t even want to understand how it works but when
our kids miss school I understand, when soaps cost
37,000 and there is no money in circulation I understand
what the common mwananchi is going through.
Can I tell you something your sycophants won’t, we
regret waking up before dawn, lining up in the scorching
sun to save our ‘Kamwana’ from the ICC menace and
saving you we did but what did you do to us .forgot us
Question is, will you need us in 2017? And what menace
shall we be saving you from maybe a failed government
and that way we’ll give you a ticket back to Gatundu by
denying you our votes.

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