CITIZEN OF ROYAL MEDIA UNDER SIEGE: This Is The Tattoo They Imposed That Might Cost Them Billions of Cash


It might sound like a grumpy, from underground, just that deep kind of news to you but guess what, you most probably might have heard of the Famous, ‘Unbwogable’ freshman in town who goes by the name Mr. Paul Kobia. The dubious specialist Mr. Paul Kobia has turned out to be exceptionally acclaimed.

The gold businessman hit nearby features when he asserted obligation of Fidel Odinga’s demise or death, some times back in the year 2014. In any case, the case was rejected after surgeons proclaimed that Tycoon Mr. Paul Kobia was nuts when he articulated those and other incomprehensible words that related him to Fidel Odinga, and actually, that was it. Maybe it was just a way to build some fame for his Government names or something, who knows? Leave that aside. Here comes the big challenge or challenging question about Mr. Paul Kobia.

Who is This Mr. Paul Kobia?

From his Twitter account, Mr. Paul Kobia Kaberia, a.k.a Paul Ilunga Ngoei, says that he is the Official Chief for the Celebration Partnership Gathering Of Kenya. He additionally said that he is a Specialist, Government official, Financial specialist, Advisor and Motivational speaker. In 2011, he was connected to one of the Business Tycoons who is a Congolese ” blood gold ” carrying in an investigative report done by KTN.

In the event and developing news in the course of the recent days, Mr. Paul Kobia has been making unfathomable explanations on his Twitter account, the majority of which leave a great deal to be fancied. Some times not long ago, he said that he had banned three Line legislators from going to Nairobi; that is Bonny Khakwale, Johnstone Muthama and Hassan Omar. He additionally said that he had a multitude of 20,000 young fellows from different Nairobi ghettos who were chasing down the three congresspersons.
On that week, Mr. Paul Kobia posted additionally “intriguing” tweets, throwing more questions about his prosperity. Have a look and read on them below:-

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Paul Kobia: All dreams are valid except WET DREAMS. RAILA’S dream to be president of Kenya is a Wet Dream. .@UKenyatta will serve till 2023

Paul Kobia: How can OCPD CENTRAL POLICE STATION CALL ME TO RECORD A STATEMENT? ??…let him send two female officers to my RUNDA home.I will write here

Paul Kobia: I WILL SUE CITIZEN NEWSPAPER FOR CALLING ME A “millionaire ”..Am not a millionaire, am a BILLIONNAIRE. They must know people.

Paul Kobia: This Sunday I will mobilize 500 poor youths from slums of Kibera, mathare, Dandora, etc and take them to JCC CHURCH

Paul Kobia: This waiters of SERENA HOTEL ARE VERY SLOW N LAZY. I can buy this hotel just to fire these lazy waiters. ..#NKT

Paul Kobia: Nairobi MCAs shud be ready. I will take all MCAs to THAILAND for 6 days fully paid retreat and give ksh.550,000
allowance to each MCA


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