Citizen tvs Michael Njenga reveals the horrors taking place in Turkana

Senior Citizen TV’s reporter, Njenga as of late took to social networking to uncover how scenes of the ridiculous assaults in Turkana County have influenced him.

Njenga, who was covering the fallout of the suspected between tribal assaults in Nadome, Turkana County that left more than 50 individuals dead, uncovered that the shocking destinations he saw at the battle region left him shedding tears.

The first class columnist, who criticized the recurrence of the assaults, uncovered that he was profoundly shaken by scenes of pregnant ladies and youngsters laying dead after they were killed without blinking.
“I was in Nadome for two days and the things I saw will issue me restless evenings for some time… . I’ve been to the battle region I’ve seen demise yet seeing a dormant… collection of a ladies sticking to her two youngsters all dead… Seeing a pregnant lady shot in the stomach with the feutus dangling by the side… . Seeing a three year old murdered with a blade and numerous other violent locales made me shed a tear” he uncovered.
Njenga is currently approaching the administration to rapidly capture those in charge of the monstrosities including that he was burnt out on the administration’s standard reaction to such assaults.

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“Great individuals, somebody needs to be behind the bars… Coz those weapons and ammo didn’t take themselves there. We have to supplant those AK 47s with burrowing scrapers… But as regular we will have a time limit, trailed by a two day demobilization then finished up with the fake talksby the pioneers… Then after two months my associates and I will be sent to cover another attack..

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"Citizen tvs Michael Njenga reveals the horrors taking place in Turkana" by @wakenyanews

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