Commercial Poultry farming in Kenya


Grills are the chickens raised

for meat. In Kenya both people and organizations lock in in-grill cultivating. A portion of the
vast scale organizations that lock in
in vast scale oven generation
are Kenchic Limited and Brade
Door Poultry Industries. These organizations supply meat organizations

generally and abroad.


Layers are chickens that are
raised for egg creation. In
Kenya some vast scale organizations

that arrangement with layers are Kenchic
Restricted, Muguku Farms, Softkenya
Ranch Limited and Sigma

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Kenbro chickens can be raised

both for eggs and meat. These

chickens are bolstered for six months

before they begin laying. Their

eggs generation is lower than the

layers. Those raised for meat too

take more time to develop as looked at
to ovens.

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