Commuter Bus Catches Fire Along Lang’ata Road With Passenger’s Inside – PHOTOS

Matatu operator ought to be careful on the standards of working and taking their duties on the roads for the public services. On the other hand, Public Service Vehicle owners need to ensure their vehicles are deem fit to be on the so as to deliver best services, never disappoint the passengers, not to have issues with the police, and many more, just to mention
On Sunday Morning 10th July 206, A Nairobi matatu strangely burst into flares along the busy Lang’ata road in Nairobi County, while having passengers inside it.

The matatu having a place registererd with Naboka Sacco was gone to Lang’ata from the downtown area and went up on fire inverse Langata Healing center.

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As per Langata OCPD Elijah Mwangi, the transport driver reported that he first heard some shrieking sounds then chose to stop the vehicle on the roadside. “They all got out. Prior to the driver could build up what the issue was, the matatu was up on fire,” said Mwangi.

Mr Mwangi affirmed that nobody was harmed and police had appropriated the 23-seater vehicle for further examinations and assessments on its fitness chances to be on the roads.

Here are other numerous captions of the photos:

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"Commuter Bus Catches Fire Along Lang’ata Road With Passenger’s Inside – PHOTOS" by @wakenyanews

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