Cord’s OKOA Kenya initiative is a stance of Jokes

Cord’s OKOA Kenya initiative is a stance of Jokes

I at long last got an opportunity to peruse through the Okoa Kenya bill as proposed by CORD and their political partners.

What I can say right from the begin is that this bill is simply about legislative issues. It has no thoughts on the best way to enhance sexual orientation offset, human rights, administration, enable the adolescent, make occupation and so forth. The bill likewise has literally nothing in it on the best way to cure security and defilement; two noteworthy difficulties that Kenya is battling with, and which Cord underhandedly uses to battle the Jubilee government constantly.

Sadly even the political thoughts they have recommended are lethally defective.

Case in point Cord contends that it needs to reinforce devolution, then cleverly present two extra levels of devolution; ward and bodies electorate. What Cord is attempting to do is utilize the electorate and ward reserves thought to draw in MCAs and MPs to backing Okoa Kenya. However this basically changes Kenya’s devolution structure from two levels to four, and presents these two extra levels of open use with no arrangements on the most proficient method to guarantee responsibility of the stores. (Obviously we don’t expect the MPs and MCAs to guarantee such responsibility).

String has additionally recommended that 5% of income from normal assets be designated to nearby ‘groups’. The thought is to draw in groups where minerals and oil are being found to bolster the bill. Rope then recommends that such groups build up an ‘agent group administration structure’ to get and regulate these monies. Basically Cord is recommending that the indigenous tribes in areas with characteristic assets sort out themselves in order to get cash for assets found in their districts. What they purposely overlook is that this will naturally increment between ethnic clash as a few “groups” evacuate “outsiders” to guarantee they continue everything without offering to ‘others’. String is fundamentally advancing ethnic purifying.

Keeping focused; Cord likewise recommends that no single group ought to have more than 15% representation in national government, or in private government foreman organizations. This is intended to prepare different groups against the Kalenjin and Kikuyu groups why should saw be excessively spoken to in national government. However what I can’t comprehend is the way the Okoa Kenya Chairman (Paul Mwangi) can offer a thought that victimizes his own group! Kikuyus are clearly more than 15% of the aggregate Kenyan populace. Is Paul (and Cord) letting us know that they don’t should have proportionate representation in government?

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In any case, the most deadly imperfection in the bill is about cash. In 2013/2014 the legislature dispensed give or take 27 for each penny of the national spending plan to instruction, 23 percent to vitality, framework and ICT, and 19% to Defense, Interior and National Intelligence. This included near to 70% of the aggregate spending plan. However the national government likewise needs to reserve the Judiciary, Parliament, IEBC, Foreign Policy/Affairs (look after consulates, oversee remote arrangement, coordinate global exchange, and so on), and so on. Amazingly Cord accepts all thse should be possible with 55% of the national government! Perhaps they have to let us know what we ought to get rid of … security, training, legal; or perhaps decisions. At that point they feel free to propose a choice everytime we have to change distribution rates!

There are a ton more absurd thoughts in what is truly a little bill. String proposes that we compel IEBC to enlist 80% of every single enlisted voter per district; make a rotational IEBC executive structure that confines every seat’s term to 12 months, and expand the presidential request period to 90 days, with an additional 60 days put aside for a re-decision if there should be an occurrence of a fruitful bid. What they don’t clarify is the thing that the larger part of Kenyans will be doing as the minority political class burn through 5 months in lawful and political fights about who will be the following President.

Unexpectedly do the one million Kenyans whose marks Cord gathered know what they added their marks to?


My terrorism note during the current week. Hon Aden Duale and his group of 40 Somali political pioneers ought not surmise that we have overlooked the 30-day guarantee to give names of terrorist lenders and sympathizers in the district/group. I likewise anticipate that these 40 pioneers will lead in requires a review of the Kenyan populace in the previous North Eastern territory. Unless they additionally need to demand ther a characteristic clarification for a 140% populace increment in the area in 10 years.


At long last, April has been an extremely extreme month for President Uhuru Kenyatta. The Garissa assault, police enrollment official request, rundown of 175 defilement suspects versus the EACC authority dramatization, the parastatal arrangements, prematurely ended plane excursion, and so forth. We would love to be faulted the individuals around the President, yet we know he is the one keeping them there. A silver covering. There is sufficient time to settle things, expecting he needs to serve two terms.

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