DISTURBING NEWS!! Groom Dies In Horrific Road Accident On His Way To The Wedding

Gesson Ngassala and the wife before the D-day of the wedding that turned out to be horrific after the occurrence of the Accident.

Apparently,the month of July 2016 has been so unfortunate for majority of the people following the sad news that most family cum homesteads have had to encounter. Not only in the Republic of Kenya, it is everywhere.
In the neighbouring country Tanzania, a couple who were set to officially wed, were hit by a mishap that is really heart touching.

A grave state of mind overwhelmed residents, friends, and relatives who had merged at Kalobe-Iyunga in Mbeya, Tanzania throughout the weekend to cover their companion, relative what’s more, partner who went on in the wake of being required in a street mishap on his way to his wedding.
Mr. Gesson Ngassala, the groom, who was to get married with his pregnant life partner and wife Felister Ngowi, passed on June 21st 2016, according to reports by Tanzania’s popular madeia journal Ijumaa daily newspaper.
As per a source near the deceased family, Mr Ngassala had officially paid endowment and seen his life partner off at Kuala Lumpur Hall in Tanzania’s City Dar es Salaam. He from there on chose to head home (Mbeya) to his folks to finish his wedding courses of action which was planned for June 23 2016.
Ijumaa Newspaper did to share this news a couple of hours to his wedding – keeping in mind he was on his way home –, he got included in a terrible and grisly road accident at Ilembula area in Iringa. Mr Ngassala lost control of his auto and tilted off the street some time recently rolling a few times and biting the dust on the spot.
One of the witnesses said that he got a telephone call from Gesson’s father/ Mr Ngassala’s telephone and called the old man to illuminate him of the end of his child. The father caved in after accepting the unfortunate news, while Ngassala’s mom was left reeling in stun and ailments.
We as Daily Nation Partners send condolence message to the family, relatives and friends of the Late Gesson. May his soul Rest In Peace.

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