Does Jubilee Flagship Project; Sigiri Bridge Collapse Signals End of Uhuru? FULL STORY

Uhuru, accompanied by DP William Ruto, were in Budalang’i on June 14 2017 where they inspected ongoing works at the Sigiri Bridge construction site.
Sigiri Bridge collapse signals end of Uhuru

On the other hand, The ODM leader said the project was being hurried for political mileage ahead of the August 8 polls.
Kenya’s opposition leader Hon. Raila Odinga has blasted President Uhuru Kenyatta for commissioning ‘shoddy work’ in Busia county, Budalangi where a bridge collapsed even before completion.
Raila said: “Jubilee is to blame for the unprofessional job yet a lot of money is going into people’s pocket.”
“We are lucky that the bridge collapsed before it was used. Otherwise, we would have lost a lot of lives of our citizens,” he added.
Raila Odinga also cited that numerous buildings across the nation have collapsed since the entrance of TNA/ Jubilee party government in the year 2013.
Raila odinga who is a Certified and Verified Engineer by profession, added that construction standards have failed under the Jubilee administration. He said the government does not care about work specifications.
“But as you can see under Jubilee, everything is compromised,” the NASA flag bearer said during campaigns in Siaya.
“This is a good sign of how they will tumble. When the monkey’s day to die draws nigh, all trees become slippery.”
Sigiri Bridge collapse indicates fall of Uhuru in 2017 elections

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"Does Jubilee Flagship Project; Sigiri Bridge Collapse Signals End of Uhuru? FULL STORY" by @wakenyanews

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