Donald Trump Congratulates Uhuru Kenyatta On Elections Victory

The US has named Kenya’s just concluded elections as fair and transparent; additionally solidifying international observers and local witnesses affirming that President Kenyatta’s win was through a credible procedure.
Mr Kenyatta’s principle challenger Raila Odinga has rejected the result and is Tuesday anticipated that would tell his supporters of the route forward of what he said was a “fake, sham and stolen” decision.
In an announcement by the White House Press Secretary, the US approached Kenyans to keep up peace and resolve question through courts.
One of the statements read as drafted below:-
“The United States congratulates the people of Kenya on the successful conclusion of elections, and President Uhuru Kenyatta on his re-election.
We commend the dedication of candidates, officials, and the public to upholding a peaceful, fair, and transparent contest, and we welcome the statements by international and domestic observer missions affirming the credibility of the election.”

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Kerry who was almost elected the US President in 2004 had this to say:
“The IEBC has put in place and has thus far followed a detailed process of paper ballot counting and security which, if followed through to the final steps, can give every Kenyan confidence that their vote was properly recorded and therefore this election can appropriately certify the outcome.”

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