Trending Video Clip Of Ugandan Police Beating Innocent Citizens For No Reason, DOWNLOAD

imageThat is why there is a great difference between developed countries and the developing countries indeed. In most African countries, police are a threat even to the innocent because you might not know what next he/ she can do to you.In a recent video clip that is doing around, Ugandan Police are seen on the spotlight harassing and beating onlookers for “no obvious reason”. The video was shot on Tuesday by NBS Channel in Uganda and is inscribed that the officers were caning supporters of Uganda’s Opposition Leader Kizza Besigye in an offer to control them.

The supporters had lined up Kampala lanes to get a look at Opposition Leader Mr. Besigye as he was driven home having been discharged on safeguard in a injustice case he is confronting. Be that as it may, a more critical take a gander at the video demonstrates officers essentially having a great time as they hit guiltless, innocent fans/ spectators who were not at all blocking the motorcade. Without a doubt, the vehicle conveying Mr Besigye is in front of the one with the officers, making the clobbering of no utilization. Have a look at the video clip or footage below:-

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