DP William Ruto’s Office Under Investigations Following Fraud Of 200 ICT Gadgets

International Conference on African Development (Ticad), Nairobi

Police are attempting to unwind how hoodlums utilized the name of the Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto’s office to cheat an organization of cellular/ mobile phones worth Sh30 million/ $300,000.


Be that as it may, a week after the end of the meeting, the police are however to break the case including the burglary of the 200 top of the reach cellular telephones. Good enough,  six suspects were arrested on Thursday in ownership of some of the stolen gadgets/ mobile phones.

The key suspect, Ms Mukikinya, is accounted for to have persuaded the organization to supply her with 200 bits of iPhone 6 or more cellular telephones for delegates going to the simply finished up Ticad summit.

Sources near NTV said the suspect’s then proceeded to Deputy President Ruto’s office two weeks before the meeting where the supplier was to demonstrate a Local Purchase Order (LPO) implied to have begun from the DP’s office and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Capital Airtime Limited then discharged the telephones to the key suspect. Police have following recouped 17 telephones from the suspects however are still investigating how the suspects figured out how to get access to government vehicles, and as well, how they got to the workplace of the Deputy President unnoticed.

The suspects will be charged in court on seventh September to answer to the charges.

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