Dr. Ingwe celebrates his birthday today,but how old is he ?

Man Inge is not a man to be left behind of the showbiz. After his recent hit song “mbegu ya 310”, man ingwe has been doing many shows across the country endlessly. Today being Dr. Ingwe’s birthday, below are the messages he sent to all his fans and followers;


1. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY and I thank God for the privilege
of turning off 35. Thanks to all my fans family and
friends who’ve held me up high.

2. I have a gift to my fans…. My new video ‘System ya
Mbegu’ by Dr. Ingwe which will be launching today
across all media today on my birthday.

3. I have re-branded to Dr. INGWE and so am no
longer Man Ingwe but Dr. Ingwe. It might take time
but that’s it.

4. I have a birthday wish…that my baby will be born
today to share a birthday with me…….

Watch me as I conquer Africa this very year

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