Drama As Stolen Wallet Turns Into a Snake In Kitui

Japheth Kinuthia made up for lost time too rapidly with a 27-year-old prominent ‘pick pocket’, Nelson, on Thursday morning after his attempt to steal a wallet from his casualty took a surprising turn.
The pickpocket was said to have grabbed a wallet from an elderly man suspected to be a Sangoma (conventional seer) yet to his surprise, while attempting to check its substance, it immediately transformed into a fatal cobra in his pocket.
stolen wallet turns into a snake in kitui

An observer revealed that Nelson followed the alleged who was going to board a taxi in Kitui Town centre, admitted his wrongdoing and needed to give back the stolen thing. The witnesses were so much shocked at the incidence as the area chief warned people to never attempt such immorals like stealing but instead focus on hard work.
A cop who was at the scene, uncovered that they can’t do anything about it but have just to call the Parks and Wildlife administration office.

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"Drama As Stolen Wallet Turns Into a Snake In Kitui" by @wakenyanews

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