Drama in Nairobi as Woman Hides Beneath a Matatu To Escape Arrest By ‘Kanjoo’ Askari’s


Nairobi city council Askari’s are another no laughing nor joking  lot when it comes to law implementations and keeping it up while on duty. The hawkers in Nairobi streets are as well a lot with no peace of mind always whenever in their line of hustling for their day to day bread.

In a documentary dubbed by popular celebrity and news reporter Mohammed Ali of Jicho pevu, it is true that the city council Askari’s are always not a friend of any hawker within the Central Business District and as well, those peddling on some other streets within the city centre.

On Monday 26th July 2016,  The moderately aged lady is seen staying still under the matatu minibus until matatu touts coax her to turn out after the threatening City Council Askari’s had passed.
In uncertainty, she howled while still under the minibus and was unaffected for some time until more matatu administrators guaranteed her that she would not be captured.

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She at long last obliged and crept from underneath the matatu. She is at that point helped to sit on an asphalt close to the crossing point of Ronald Ngala and Tom Mboya streets.
Another lady helped her gather the onions that were scattered all over the asphalt.

The Nairobi City standing rules distributed on the area’s site are particular on assigned ranges of peddling inside the city and gift a vendors grant to candidates who give points of interest of the merchandise being sold and area inside the assigned ranges.

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